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Potty training!


Aaaaaaaannnndd I'm back people!

First up, post request from Low Pui Yee: Advice about cats.

How To Make Sure They Don't Make A Mess!

Kitties! How I love them!!

But don't be fooled! They too have an evil side!

BEWARE of...

And NO! Take a closer look! Those are mini chocolate covered cakes! NOT cat poo! Bet you thought it was though for a split second there didn't ya? Hahaha XD

No pics of cat poo! You wanna know why??



Cat poo is Evil! 

Horrible stuff! It's so bad, even cats can't stand them! Hahahaha..

Even Bieber agrees with me!

Hahahaha. Just kidding XD
Whether it's a stray kitten or you just bought your first lil kitty from a pet store, the first thing you need to do is potty train them! Most cats will straight away use the 'toilet' if provided (tray with sand) but some cats need training. Here's how:

1. Take the poopie from wherever it did it's business and place it in the tray.

2. Clean the original place where they pooped thoroughly and perfume or fabreeze it to mask any trace or smell of their doodoo, haha.

3. Leave the freshly baked poopie in the tray for atleast a half hour so they can associate the new litter box with relieving themselves. And make sure they see it! Take them to the tray and let them have a lil sniff. They'll walk away for a while, buat hal sendiri, take them back and show it them again to reinforce it. Sniff sniff, touch the sand a bit and they'll soon get the idea.

 If you want to go a step further and potty train them to use human toilets, here's how:

1. Place kitty's litter box next to the toilet seat and let it associate the bathroom as its new go-to place to relieve themselves. Rest.

2. Next, raise the litter box off the ground and stack on some old newspaper, magazines or box. Raise it to the height of the toilet seat but raise it bit by bit. Start with an inch raised, then maybe a day or two later, raise it another 2 or 3 inches, stacked higher on more newspaper. Make sure the litter box is stable on top of the stacked items so that kitty feels comfortable doing its business. Rest.

3. Once the litter box is raised to about the same height of the toilet seat, place the whole litter box over the toilet. Like this:


4. Remove litter box completely and nestle a metal mixing bowl inside the toilet bowl. Fill the bowl with about two inches of litter.

Naturally, any humans using the toilet at this point will want to remove the metal bowl prior to their own use and replace it afterward. The next week or two the whole process is likely to be something of an annoyance; if you begin to think it’s not worth it, just remember that you will never have to clean a litter box again.

5. Watch your cat using the bathroom in the metal bowl. Next you have to teach him proper squatting posture. Catch him beginning to use the toilet as much of the time as possible and show him where his feet are supposed to go. Just lift them right out of the bowl and place them on the seat (front legs in the middle, hind legs on the outside). If he starts out with three or, heaven forbid, all four feet in the bowl, just get the front two feet out first. Praise him all over the place every time he completes the activity in this position.

6. Begin reducing the litter in the bowl. Rinse out the metal bowl, put a little bit of water in the bottom. Increase the water level each time, just as you decreased the litter level. Remember, if at any point kitty looks nervous enough about the change to give the whole thing up and take his business behind the door, back up a step or two and try the thing again more slowly.

7. Once the water in the mixing bowl is a couple of inches deep and your cat is comfortable with the whole thing, you get to perform the last bit of magic. Take the mixing bowl away, leaving the bare toilet!

NOTE: Toilet training cats to use the human toilets may take a while and requires alot of patience. but once that is done, you'll be fine. And whether you are toilet training them to use the litter box or the human restroom, go with what your cat feels comfortable with. Even my cat just uses a litter box. Some cats learn faster than others too. So if your cat is stealthy and smart and he can balance himself just fine on the seat, the metal mixing bowl stage can be tossed out entirely!

For those who are just beginning potty train your cats, start with the simplest - litter box. In Pui Yee's case, place the litter box outside so they know that they're not allowed inside ok.

Voila! Your cat is now toilet-trained!




  1. Hey, thanks a lot for the very detailed advice! And wow, didn't think that cats can actually be trained to use human toilets. Haha.

    I'll keep them in mind :)

  2. No problem! Sorry it took me a while to post this though. And I was jakun too when i first found out that cats can use human toilets! haha


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